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Taylor Clarke Jersey

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PHOENIX — Triple-A Reno Aces right-handed pitcher Taylor Clarke will be recalled to make the start against the Giants on Saturday for the Arizona Diamondbacks, manager Torey Lovullo said Friday.

Clarke, who was on the 40-man roster but not the team’s 25-man active roster before Friday’s game, had a locker in the clubhouse. He’s on the “taxi squad,” a term that refers to players who have traveled to their next assignment but whose next assignment hasn’t actually been made official with the league.

Clarke’s helping the big-league club comes after the team placed left-hander Robbie Ray on the 10-day injured list on Thursday. Ray, who has a 3.99 ERA in 26 starts this season, went only two innings in his start on Wednesday. He was diagnosed as having back spasms.

“We pieced things together the best that we can. It’s going to give the ability to give us an extra day for [Merrill] Kelly and [Zac] Gallen,” Lovullo said. “The guys have been getting after it. To be able to push them back and give them that extra day was well-timed.
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“Taylor deserves this opportunity. He’d been throwing the ball extremely well before he was sent out, so I know he’s excited to be back here and I’m excited to see what he can help us out with.”

The 26-year-old Clarke has a 5.46 ERA through 14 games (13 starts) this season, his debut season in the major leagues. In his last four starts before his most recent assignment to Reno, Clarke had a 3.92 ERA over 20.2 innings pitched.

In nine of his 14 starts this year, Clarke has allowed three earned runs or fewer.

Brandon Webb Jersey

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No, this is not about a pitcher that gets better with age. This is simply about how a fan favorite and team ace can, in just a couple of years, become forgotten and seemingly disappear.

Brandon Webb’s career started with a bang, debuting in New York in 2003 and out-dueling Tom Glavine with seven scoreless innings and ten strikeouts. He finished his rookie season 10-9 with an ERA of 2.84. He was spectacular.

His sophomore season was a struggle. He battled control all season, leading the league in losses (16), walks (119), and wild pitches (17). In his defense, there was no defense behind him (Alex Cintron and Scott Hairston were his middle infielders) and the team was terrible. Even still, his ERA was a solid 3.59.

After a much improved 2005 campaign, he earned himself a $28 million contract.

With his new contract, Webb became a star in 2006, winning the National League Cy Young award with 16 wins, three shutouts, and only 50 walks. His sinker was considered the best in baseball.

The 2007 season saw him continue as an ace, but on a magical team. The Diamondbacks won their division and made it to the NLCS, all while sporting one of the youngest teams in the league.

Webb also put together his own magic, running a streak of 42 consecutive scoreless innings. I personally remembered the Orel Hershiser 1988 streak and how magical that was for me as a Dodger fan at the time.

I saw a lot of parallels between Webb and Hershiser. Both threw incredible sinkers, although Hershiser threw his a little harder and was called a “sinking fastball” as opposed to a “sinker” because it was thrown harder. Both wore No. 55 (Webb changed to 17 in ’07), both had amazing streaks, and both played for teams that overachieved to make the playoffs (I was in awe of how similar the ’07 D-backs were to the ’88 Dodgers and thought at the time that it was going to be another special championship year. It could have been).

Webb was the team’s best player and was loved by Phoenix fans not only for his performance, but also for his small-town charm and overall likability.

However, something happened during the 2008 season.

It was arguably his finest season, even when the team could not hold it together after a torrid start. He went 22-7 with an ERA of 3.30, and many believe should have won his second Cy Young. He finished second, behind Tim Lincecum.

Amid the success he had, things changed. The team began to negotiate contract extensions for him and for teammate Dan Haren. Everyone knew that it was going to cost a lot, but that he would get one done.

Oddly, Haren got his extension first. Then, strangely, negotiations with Webb were “tabled” for unknown reasons. This was after the framework was reportedly in place for a three-year, $54 million deal.

Since the reasons were kept quiet, some fans started talking about how he was trying to cash in and being selfish. Webb was hurt by this, and even went on the radio to plead his case.

Although he never came out and said it, nor did his performance go down, he seemed hurt by how things were handled.

There was also an ESPN The Magazine feature on him and his off-day routine. It did one of two things for fans. It either made him look amazingly talented that he didn’t work out much, didn’t study video or scouting reports, and played around between starts, or it made him look lazy.

The fact that he did not end up winning the Cy Young award seemed to bother him, too. He frequently mentioned his win total and how no one with his amount of wins had not won the award unless another had that many as well.

The 2009 season lasted four innings for Webb. Shoulder tightness took him out of the game and he hasn’t pitched for the team since.

Not long after this, it was leaked that the reason for his contract talks being tabled was because of abnormalities in his shoulder, meaning his contract could not be insured.

Then, the shoulder issue went from not missing a start, to a few weeks, to no surgery needed, to yes, he needed surgery. Of course, surgery didn’t happen until August so five months passed that were essentially wasted.

The local media and fans wondered why it took so long for the decision.

When his shoulder surgery happened I was reminded again of Orel Hershiser who had reconstructive shoulder surgery in 1990 just two years after his magical 1988 season. He was never the same dominant pitcher he was, but he went on to win another 107 big league games and was a very good player.

The team decided to exercise the $8.5 million option for the 2010 season, citing that basically they had no choice if they wanted to compete as a team. That turned out to be a very poor business decision.

Move forward to 2010 spring training and there was hope that he would be ready to pitch early in the season. No progress was made.

He missed the start of the season, hoping to pitch for the team by June. Then July. Then six-to-eight starts total. Now it is doubtful he will pitch again this year. At this point, it would actually surprise me if he pitches another big league game ever.

The worst part is that there has been nothing physically wrong with his shoulder for months. He just hasn’t been comfortable and has been fighting mechanics.

It hasn’t been a loud clamoring but there have been whispers by fans and media that he is just sitting on his option money. Louder has been the criticism of his mental toughness and dedication (which leads us fans to believe the ESPN The Magazine feature was an indictment of his laziness or lack of toughness).

It really is a shame. Webb was a true ace, a streak-buster, a guy you could send to the hill and feel all but certain of a victory. He was a difference-maker. He goes down, and the team falls apart.

Now he is a dead man walking (at the very least, he should be a dead man pitching or should have been one of the trades). No one sees him the way they once did. He is not exactly despised, but he is basically an afterthought, something puzzling with a former ace.

I wonder what will happen in the future. Obviously, there will be no big contract coming. If he comes back and is the Brandon Webb we all saw from 2003 and from ’05-’08, then we can figure that there was something personal going on with him and the team or something.

From the perspective of a baseball fan in general, I hope that Webb makes a full recovery and can dominate like he once did.

From the view of the Diamondbacks fan, I secretly hope he is never the same because then it would mean all of it was real and not some spiteful way of getting back at the team for not giving him the extension to begin with.

On the bright side, there is a young pitcher in Barry Enright that reminds me of Webb’s rookie year. I may be way off the mark but with two years of terrible baseball in Arizona and wasted money (Webb, Eric Byrnes, Bobby Howry, the GM/manager combo), I’m looking for anything to grasp onto.

Luke Weaver Jersey

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Angels manager Brad Ausmus has only been on the job for a year, but the club “would consider” firing him to hire Joe Maddon after the season, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports (subscription link). That would require the Cubs to move on from Maddon, whose contract is up, while the Angels would likely need to make the 65-year-old a substantial offer. The first part of that equation looks like a real possibility, but it appears the second would pose a problem. Angels owner Arte Moreno likely doesn’t want to pay two managers, per Rosenthal, who adds it’s very doubtful he’d be willing to match Maddon’s current salary of $6MM. Notably, though, there is quite a bit of history between Maddon and the Angels. He spent 31 years with the organization in a variety of roles before his managerial career began with the Rays prior to the 2006 season.

Recent speculation has linked longtime Giants executive Brian Sabean to the Marlins, but the 63-year-old told Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle that he isn’t going anywhere. Although Sabean’s contract is about to expire, he and the Giants are in talks to keep him in place for what would be his 28th year with the organization in 2020. “We’re in the process of sorting that out as we speak,” Sabean said. “I’m quite sure my Giant career will continue in some form or fashion. I’m not interested in looking to go anywhere else. We’ll see how it develops in the next month or so.” While Sabean was at the helm of the Giants’ baseball department during all three of their World Series wins this decade, he has taken on a lesser role since the team hired Farhan Zaidi to steer the ship last offseason. Sabean spent a large portion of this season scouting, which is his passion, Schulman notes.

The Diamondbacks have shut right-handers Luke Weaver and Zac Gallen down for the season, Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic reports. Weaver sat out all of June, July, August and most of September with forearm and UCL injuries, but he made a successful two-inning return last weekend to cap off his 2019. He and Gallen, whom the D-backs acquired at the trade deadline, figure to slot in near the top of the club’s rotation in 2020. Fellow righty Taijuan Walker could join them if he overcomes the arm problems that have essentially shelved him for two straight seasons. Walker could, however, take the ball for the first and only time of the season in Arizona’s finale on Sunday, Piecoro relays.

The Athletics just designated catcher Beau Taylor for assignment for the second time this year, but that doesn’t mean his days with the organization are over. On the contrary, chances are “good” that the A’s will try to re-sign Taylor in the offseason, Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle writes. Judging by the glowing reviews of Taylor that prized young catcher Sean Murphy and manager Bob Melvin offer in Slusser’s piece, he clearly has the respect of the A’s players and coaches.

Craig Counsell Jersey

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The Milwaukee Brewers will test you. Look at their roster, look at their pitching staff, and tell me how they’ve put together this September run. They were supposed to crumble like an MVP with a broken kneecap.

It’s easy to fall in love with this Brewers team right now. I maintain that it would be a supreme bummer to see a Brewer squad sans Christian Yelich reach the promised land, but dang it if they aren’t the most fun team in the league right now.
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Take a look at Craig Counsell’s speech after clinching a playoff berth, and tell me you don’t wish he were your boss/husband/dad:

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Counsell’s leadership skills are off the charts. He’s generous with credit, from the owners to the GM to the training staff. Listen to the cheer let out in that room when he mentions the trade deadline acquisitions. You’d think they traded for Robin Yount. No, sir, that cacophonous howling was for Drew Pomeranz, Ray Black, and Jordan Lyles.

Brent Suter got a shout out. Suter has pitched all of 17 ⅓ innings on the year – great innings, like, double-take great – but Counsell makes a special point to thank the training staff and, implicitly, laud Suter’s efforts in coming back from injury.

Counsell credits the player development staff, which, uh, heck yes, specifically for their work with Trent Grisham, the former top prospect tasked with filling the shoes of Christian Yelich. Grisham’s star had faded, but a return to a unique golf grip helped get his swing back on track to the tune of .250/.345/.450 across 165 plate appearances.

It’s not that the Brewers don’t have stars – they have stars. Yelich should probably win his second consecutive MVP Award. Ryan Braun might be the most celebrated superstar in franchise history by the time it’s all said and done. Keston Hiura will get some consideration for the Rookie of the Year award for his .300/.365/.576 effort.

But Counsell understands organizational relationship dynamics. His understanding of system coherence bleeds through that speech. He knows the big guns will get their due. He knows that confidence matters in this game, and as in all workplaces, he understands the importance of recognizing and appreciating the efforts of his employees. Those aren’t hollow words on Counsell’s part. He sees the big picture with this team.
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Brent Suter is not Clayton Kershaw. He’s not Max Scherzer. But he’s 4-0 with a 0.52 ERA at the most important time of the year. Part of what makes Kershaw and Scherzer so incredible is their ability to perform the way they do year-in and year-out. Counsell has created an environment of belief where players without those preternatural abilities can perform like superstars.

I don’t know how else to explain an 89-win team with a +9 run differential.

Caleb Joseph Jersey

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Longtime Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph was non-tendered by the team last week and delivered a heartfelt tribute to O’s fans and the organization on Twitter, but it is still possible that he could be back in orange and black next spring.

The non-tender means that the team decided not to go through salary arbitration with him, but that does not disqualify the Orioles from trying to sign him to a contract on their own terms.

If Joseph’s lengthy tweet seems to indicate that he doesn’t expect that to happen, well, who knows? He has been a very valuable part of the club in spite of his spotty offensive production and would seem to be someone who could still help with the development of the organization’s young pitchers.
Orioles nontender infielder Tim Beckham, catcher Caleb Joseph at Friday’s deadline


Orioles nontender infielder Tim Beckham, catcher Caleb Joseph at Friday’s deadline
Nov 30, 2018 | 8:20 PM

“What I WILL NEVER FORGET is the way the fans, staff, and my teammates embraced me and my family,’’ the last paragraphs of the Tweet read. “To each and every one I came in contact with as an Oriole and all of its affiliates I want to extend my sincerest gratitude for the love and support you showed us over a decade.

“I married my wife and had two kids while being an Oriole. Baltimore will always have a special place in our hearts. This isn’t ‘goodbye,’ but hopefully ‘see you later.’
[More from sports] Ravens rookie Jaylon Ferguson eager for more after first ‘amazing’ sack »

“Thank you Birdland.”

Joseph has been in the organization so long that — during his lengthy stay at the Double-A level — he was light-heartedly known as “the mayor of Bowie.” He finally got his chance to play regularly at the major league level when Matt Wieters had to undergo elbow surgery.

His ups and downs at the plate are well-documented, but he was always a solid defender behind it and will land somewhere as a dependable backup if he does not end up re-signing with the O’s.

Andrew Chafin Jersey

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The Red Sox may not be able to land Mets closer Edwin Diaz by the trade deadline, so they’re turning their attention to other relievers on the market. San Francisco closer Will Smith is the reliever who has “most intrigued” the Red Sox over the past week, Sean McAdam of tweets. The Red Sox have also shown interest in Diamondbacks left-hander Andrew Chafin, per McAdam, and Blue Jays right-hander Daniel Hudson, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (subscription link).

Smith would clearly give the Red Sox the stable game-ending option they’ve lacked this year, but it doesn’t appear the team will be able to swing a deal for him. They’ve found the Giants’ asking price for Smith to be prohibitive, McAdam reports. Smith isn’t signed past this season – one of the reasons the Red Sox aren’t aggressively pursuing him – though it’s no surprise the Giants want a haul back for him. They’re still in playoff contention, for one, and Smith’s eminently affordable ($4.225MM) and highly effective. The 30-year-old has logged a 2.72 ERA/2.77 FIP with 12.82 K/9 and 2.14 BB/9 in 46 1/3 innings this season. He has also converted 26 of 28 save opportunities.

Meanwhile, either Chafin or Hudson could help improve the Red Sox’s setup situation. This is the latest in a growing line of solid seasons for the 29-year-old Chafin, who has pitched to a 4.17 ERA/3.69 FIP with 11.05 K/9 and 3.19 BB/9 across 36 2/3 frames. He also ranks second among all relievers in infield fly rate (24.2 percent), has held left-handed batters to a subpar .272 weighted on-base average, earns a relatively meager salary ($1.945MM) and comes with another year of arbitration control. Unsurprisingly, Chafin’s drawing plenty of interest from around the league – not just Boston – Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports.

Hudson, 32, would be the easiest reliever in this trio to acquire. He’s had a productive year, though peripherals don’t quite back up his above-average run prevention, and would be a pure rental for his next team. Nevertheless, Hudson’s the cheapest of the group ($1.5MM salary) and has been popular in the rumor mill leading up to the deadline. The hard-throwing journeyman has notched a 3.00 ERA/4.21 FIP with 9.0 K/9 and 4.3 BB/9 over 48 innings. Righties have mustered a weak .276 wOBA off him.

Joel Payamps Jersey

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Joel Payamps career is a case study in patience and perseverance. Originally signed out of the Dominican Republic as a 17 year old Amateur free agent by the Rockies back in 2011, he toiled 4 years in the low minors for that organization, the last two of which did not go well. Consecutive seasons of 6+ ERA in 2013-14 resulted in the Rockies releasing him. After not pitching at all in 2015, he was signed by the Diamondbacks as a Minor League Free Agent at the end of 2015. Since joining the DBacks organization he has steadily progressed, appearing in both AA Jackson and AAA Reno each of the last three seasons before earning a brief callup to the majors in 2019.

Sometimes described as wiry and lanky, standing at 6’2” and 200 lbs, Payamps throws a Fastball, Sinker, Slider and Change. If used as a reliever, he’ll mostly use the 4 Seamer and slider. His 4 Seamer averages 93 MPH, maxing out at 96. He may be able to add a little to that velocity working strictly as a reliever. His command has been inconsistent, but when he has it, he strikes out a lot of batters and can dominate.

The year did not start off Well for Payamps. In his first start on April 6th he took a comebacker off his foot which caused him to miss two months with a fracture. But when he returned in early June he was lights out. In his 41 IP at Jackson he walked just 2 while striking out 39, and allowed just 2 HR, good for a 2.17 FIP and a promotion to Reno.

Upon arriving in Reno in mid July, his success continued. In his first 4 starts, 22.2 IP, he allowed just 6 earned runs, 2.38 ERA. However the K/BB ratio fell to just 12/10. He then got roughed up in his two subsequent starts allowing 9 runs in 9.2 IP on 11 hits and 2 homers. Ironically he struck out 10 and walked just 3 during those two starts. Overall it was enough to earn him a callup to the big club in August.

Making his major league debut on August 21, he came on in the 6th to relieve Mike Leake with the Dbacks down 5-0 to the Rockies. He pitched 3 innings, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits, all singles, walking one batter and striking out three. In his second appearance he pitched a scoreless 8th inning in a 4-0 loss to the Brewers.

The two mop up appearances were all he would get in 2019. He was sent back to Reno and made one more appearance there on August 30th, his last of the season. He was not added to the MLB roster in September, which was somewhat of a surprise to me at the time as I had projected him to be among the September Callups . I’m not quite certain what happened there.
Whats Next in 2020 ?

As a member of the 40 man roster, he’ll likely start the year in Reno, and could be called up to either relieve or spot start as needed in 2020. He has an intriguing arm, and while I don’t think he will ever be more more than a very back end rotation option, he still has some upside as a reliever in my view. I wouldn’t mind seeing him get a shot at the 2020 bullpen in spring training. He has the stuff, but will need more consistent command to be successful.

Steve Finley Jersey

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Major-league baseball player Steve Finley had a career full of accolades, and upon meeting Meaghan Hunt at a dinner with mutual friends, knew their relationship would go into extra innings.

When Steve eventually realized that Meaghan was the person with whom he wanted to grow old, he took the gentlemanly step of calling Meaghan’s mother to ask for her blessing. He received her enthusiastic approval, and set out to plan the proposal.

One of the greatest moments in Steve’s life was winning the 2001 World Series with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He asked Meaghan to join him in Phoenix for the team’s celebration of the win’s 10th anniversary. There, he joined his greatest achievement of the past with an achievement that will last a lifetime: He asked Meaghan to be his wife, and she accepted.

As they delved into wedding planning, the couple searched top venues across Southern California, and from their very first visit had a good feeling about The Grand Del Mar. “It felt right,” Meaghan explains, “and was more private than any of the other venues we looked at. It was warm and inviting, and the staff was excellent.” It was also meaningful to begin their marriage in the city where they lived, as well as where Steve first rose to fame as a member of the San Diego Padres.

The outdoor ceremony was staged amid the property’s stunning environment of sage-rimmed vistas surrounding a Moroccan pavilion. White irises in tall hurricane vases sat at the foot of a rose petal-lined aisle and around the altar. A string quartet played arrangements of contemporary love songs during the processional.

The colors of the event were established by snowy white flowers with cool touches of green set against fabrics in striking black. Bouquets of celery-hued cymbidium orchids interspersed with coal-centered Star-of-Bethlehem were carried by the bridesmaids, whose midnight-colored dresses featured sleek halter necklines. Even the flower girls were darling visions in black, their formal cinch-waist dresses accented with charcoal tulle.

Meaghan carried a creamy bouquet of gardenias finished with an off-white ribbon. Her golden locks fell in curls toward her bare, sun-kissed shoulders, and her flowing A-line dress played to her tall, sleek frame. The bride’s ensemble was spiked with a black sash above the waist to coordinate with the gowns of her ladies in waiting.

Classical guitar music set the mood for the reception, a touch not lost on the number of guitarists in Meaghan’s family. As guests entered the hall, they were met with mood lighting lent from four stone fireplaces as well as floating candles. The tables were set with ebony linens and surrounded by chairs that continued the sultry color scheme. Vanilla calla lilies and orchids filled glass centerpieces of alternating shapes.

The couple’s multi-tiered cake rested on a lush green stage of horsetail reeds and orchids. “As the cake topper, we had a bobble head of me riding a horse and Steve in his Diamondback baseball jersey,” Meaghan proudly adds. “It was a fun touch to our wedding cake.”

After a five-course dinner, guests moved into the salon, where a DJ kept the group dancing well into the early hours of the morning. Philly cheesesteak sliders were served as late night snacks. Thanks to the venue’s award-winning kitchen, the meals were, in a word, memorable.

Meaghan praises her wedding planner’s guidance throughout the planning: “I was surprised that the planning process was so easy.” Steve has few illusions that any groom will be the primary planner of a wedding, but he offers this nugget of advice to men: “Be involved in the parts of planning that really mean something to you. Be a positive supporter of the rest.”

The groom goes on to reflect with astonishment how smoothly the day went. “Usually something goes wrong somewhere with a wedding of this size and number of moving parts, but everything went off perfectly without a hitch.” When asked what he’d do differently, had he the chance, he replied simply, “Nothing.” In other words, they knocked it out of the park.

Jake Lamb Jersey

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are missing one of their most well-known infielders as Jake Lamb recovers from a quad injury.

The D-backs put Lamb on the injured list with a Grade 2 left quad strain near the start of the season when Lamb hurt himself on April 3. He has since been on the shelf to recover, but the D-backs got their former All-Star on a rehab assignment on June 8.

The Athletic‘s Zach Buchanan cited manager Torey Lovullo as saying it’s “unlikely” Lamb will rejoin the D-backs this next homestand, which spans from Tuesday to next Wednesday, June 26. Lovullo added that he thinks Lamb will be back before the end of June, though.

In getting back Lamb, the D-backs would be adding a left-handed bat that can play corner infield — two positions where Christian Walker and Eduardo Escobar have been getting the everyday playing time. Lovullo has said that upon Lamb’s return, getting everyone time on the field could mean having Escobar play second, Walker stay at first and Lamb play third. That would bump Ketel Marte to center field, where he has spent some time this season, anyway.
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In six games in his rehab assignment with Triple-A Reno thus far, Lamb has hit .263 with a double and a home run to go with six RBI. Lamb hit his lone home run on Friday before going 1-for-3 with a double on Saturday.

An NL All-Star in 2017, Lamb hit .222 in 2018 and appeared in only 56 games due to a shoulder injury. Before he went down this season, he was hitting .267 (4-for-15). In his six-year big league career, Lamb averages .247 with 24 home runs every 162 games. He is hitting .159 against left-handed pitching in his career and .270 against right-handers.

Tony Womack Jersey

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ZEBULON, N.C. – Former Carolina Mudcats and Major League Baseball star Tony Womack will return to Five County Stadium on August 21 as the Mudcats celebrate their 20th Anniversary season in Zebulon.

Womack played for the Mudcats in 1993 and again in their Southern League championship season of 1995 as a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

“We are excited to have Tony back at Five County Stadium to help celebrate our 20th anniversary,” said Carolina Mudcats General Manager Joe Kremer. “Tony will always be remembered as being one of the best players to put on a Mudcats uniform.”

Womack spent 13 seasons in the big leagues with the Pirates (1993-1998), Arizona Diamondbacks (1999-2003), Colorado Rockies (2003), Chicago Cubs (2003, 2006), St. Louis Cardinals (2004), New York Yankees (2005) and Cincinnati Reds (2006).

The Danville, Va. native may be best remembered for his performance in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series with the Diamondbacks against the New York Yankees. With Arizona down 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning, Womack doubled a Mariano Rivera pitch to right field to chase home another former Mudcat, Midre Cummings, and tie the game at 2-2. Two batters later, Luis Gonzalez, who ironically starred for the 1990 Columbus (Ga.) Mudcats, drove home the winning run to make Womack and the Diamondbacks World Series champions.

Womack, who was an MLB All-Star in 1997, led the National League in stolen bases for three consecutive years from 1997 to 1999 and paced the circuit in triples in 2000.

As a shortstop for the 1995 Mudcats, Womack honed his post-season late-inning heroics, starring in the final innings of the fifth and deciding game of the 1995 Southern League championship series against the Chattanooga Lookouts at Five County Stadium.

With Carolina up by a run in the bottom of the eighth, Womack laced a triple that drove in two runs and padded the Mudcats’ lead. Womack ended the inning by scoring himself as Carolina won the game 11-7 and gave Carolina their first Southern League championship since moving to Wake County.

“Pittsburgh Pirates minor league director Chet Montgomery called Tony’s 8th inning at-bat the best he had ever seen”, said Kremer. “Tony fouled off 15 pitches before his triple down the right field line and that really put us in control and led us to that first championship.”

Tickets are on sale for the August 21 game as the Mudcats take on the Mobile BayBears by calling 919-269-CATS or visiting the Mudcats website at Game time is set for 6:15 with gates opening at 5:15.